Video Surveillance (CCTV) In addition to catching criminals, CCTV offers countless benefits that will help protect your assets, result in a safer environment, and help you more effectively manage your business. Benefits of CCTV are:

•  Deter Criminals
•  Prevent Theft
•  Improve Productivity
•  Reduce Liability
•  Protect Intellectual Property
•  Validate Alarms
•  Manage Remotely
•  Streamline Operations
•  Peace of Mind



Electronic Access Control (EAC) controls and monitors WHO, goes in WHERE and WHEN electronically, with Proximity Cards or Key Fobs. EAC Systems are run by software on a dedicated PC with remote access capability. 

All of these systems allow audits of who has accessed or attempted to access any area on the system. Systems run over a network that allows multiple locations and buildings to be monitored.

The upfront cost of these systems are quickly recouped by eliminating the cost of re-keying of doors, tracking of keys, and property loss due to unforced and unauthorized entry. The EAC Systems bridge the gap from security to convenience.